Shepherds (On-going thesis Project)

Shepherds is a 3D, two-player co-op action adventure game in which players control two unlikely partners – a shepherd and a wolf. Players must COMBINE their unique abilities to overcome rhythm based puzzles and physical based platforming as they descend into the heart of an active volcano.

Role: Game Director

Expected Release Date: May 2024

  • Led an interdisciplinary team of 32 to create a 25 minutes vertical sliced gameplay experience.
  • Pitched to industry judges with a conceptual prototype and game overview document for the greenlight process.
  •  Defined core player experience objectives and ensured smooth teamwork among diverse teams, fostering a unified effort towards a common goal.
  • Core Mechanics Design · Level Design · System Design

Core Mechanics Drafts

In this project, the designers and I collaboratively determined the core mechanics and essential loop of the game. Through numerous iterations, we ensured that the gameplay delivers the best possible experience for players. I follow my design motto, “complex but not complicated”.

Game Feel

I collaborated with the art and narrative teams to discuss the overall game feel of Shepherds, ensuring that the artistic elements align with the gameplay design. We integrated narrative pacing with player flow to collectively create the best possible game feel.

Level Design Drafts

I designed numerous levels and construct grey-boxes. In the design of each level, I contemplated how to strategically place elements of the story, action, and puzzles to consistently maintain the player’s attention throughout the gameplay. I learn the idea of core pillars create focus from a GDC Talk, “The Level Design of God of War”, and follow it when I design the levels for this project.

Level Brainstorm
White Box Level

Implementation and Direct overall vision of product

Implement art assets into white box level

I lead an interdisciplinary team of 32 people to create a 20 minutes vertical sliced. By connecting narrative, gameplay, art and sound together, I translates the overall vision into a creative framework and oversee the development of this video game project.

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