Machine Heart

Machine Heart is a 2.5D Sci-fi Puzzle-Adventure Game that features two parallel storylines. In each storyline, players explore the environment, gather clues, and use the information found to solve puzzles and avoid dangers.

Key Features

The Game features two parallel timelines and two protagonists. Both timelines are centered around a distinct gameplay: Cross-Timeline Puzzle Challenge. Players can switch between timelines freely in order to solve interconnected puzzles and piece together narrative elements.

Role: Game Designer ยท Level Design

  • Designed in-game level maps, determined enemy quantities and game difficulty, and crafted the player experience while forecasting completion times. 
  • Developed a comprehensive level design document to enhance the framework and templates, facilitating effective communication across various development teams.
  •  Collaborated with engineers and the usability team to iterate level design, enhancing the player’s immersive experience and tension.

USC Games Advanced Games Project

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