Chernobyl is a single player 2D strategy game made by Unity. The development process of Chernobyl follows the rule of Ludum Dare 51, one of the most famous Game Jam around the world. The theme of Ludum Dare 51 is every 10 seconds. We receive wonderful result from this Game Jam Ranking.

Role: Game Designer (Level Design)


Time flies so fast, especially in an emergency disaster.

As a squad leader, you are assigned to an impossible deadly mission.

Mission Code: Chernobyl

In this critical situation, with intense radiation in the zone, each squad member can only survive for 10 seconds. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to save more lives. You have the map but no real-time information. Your squad trusts your leadership completely and will follow your orders without hesitation.

Consider whether to sacrifice one member to gather information about the map or have all members rush towards the control desk. Your decision will determine the success of the mission and the lives of your team.

Ludum Dare 51:

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