Cervus Blade

Cervus Blade is a 3rd-person action adventure game set in a deer-worshiping desert world with challenging hard-core combat. The player character is Zara, who uses a blade. The combat is real-time, fast-paced, somewhere between the stiffness of Souls games and the agility of DMC.

Role: Producer

  • Received 97,365 Free Licenses Granted and 15,826 Lifetime Unique Users Downloads (As of November 6th).
  • Administered the production process by planning the development schedule and specification involved in the progress of game development.
  • ┬áMaintained working relationship between narrative, design, art, and sound development team and assigned specified tasks to team members.
  • Adapted team tasks in a timely manner based on reports and ensured the smooth progression of workflow processes
Steam Sales & Activations Report
P. A. R Trailer

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